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Baby Turtle Release




This can be your favorite tour program. Releasing the Baby Turtles combine with snorkeling will be the new experience in your life. we will bring some Baby Turtles with us on board and release them when we go for a snorkeling or on the beach of Penida or Lembongan island. by releasing the Turtles into the ocean we will helping the ocean life. This tour will be a full day tours, we will exploring some beautiful spots at Penida and Lembongan island. Manta bay, Crystal bay, Gamat bay, Toya Pakeh, Mangrove bay and Bali hai spots are all of our spots. get decide to swim and snorkeling with Manta rays at Manta spot and open your mind with a spectacular Penida clips view.

Duration : 8.00 AM - 4.00 PM

Snorkeling and Turtle release charter, 12 person max.

Duration: 8 Hours

2 Person: USD 1000

3 Person: USD 1050

4 Person: USD 1100

5 Person: USD 1150

6 Person - Up: USD 50.00 Extra/person

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